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Atambaeva st. 12A, Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Republic of Kazakhstan, 130000, Aktau, microregion 2, Business-center "Sunkar"

Values and principles


Our strengththe ability to succeed in any business, commitment to modern knowledge and providing quality services to customers.

Use of modern technologies and high quality products – these are the priorities that form the basis of competitiveness of our company.

Our desire to work, getting high profits – the basis of our growth, independence and the search for new technologies and products in the future.



Our way of thinking

Our mindset determines the behavior expected of all members of the staff of the enterprise, including the general attitude, words and actions, internal relations and relations with external stakeholders.


Understand and work for the future.

  • self-development
  • Continuous improvement
Knowing limits and determination to act honestly and responsibly.

  • Legality
  • Prohibition of corruption
  • A responsibility

Get active and positive impact on the performance EFFICIENCY.

  • Creativity
  • Initiative
  • Presentation of the objectives
Trust and teamwork in order to achieve a common goal. Ability to overall success.

  • Cooperation
  • Information exchange
  • Training and mentoring


Fair and open business practices form an opinion about our company.

We exist on the market since 2013, our company’s eyes are in front of cloves, so it is very important reputation of our company.

For a company which is engaged in educational activities, finding and implementing unique solutions, loss of reputation and the suspicion of corruption unacceptable.

From my own experience I know of some market participants, in which we are working, especially foreign companies, currently require a guarantee of ethics and transparency before making any business transaction.

Unacceptable behavior or a simple lack of transparency risks becoming an obstacle to the group to most markets.

Various suspicions of this kind, itself can undermine the confidence of investors, banks, customers and our suppliers, and adversely affect our work.

We can not afford Administrative divisions barriers stand in our way an obstacle to the achievement of our dreams.

We strive to initially lay the foundation for the enterprise based on the principles of fair competition and not to acquire commercial advantages by giving bribes, improper payments or other non-traditional ways, and thereby attract different kinds of sanctions.

In addition, the state anti-corruption system tougher every year, and if we are not interested in modern methods of conducting commercial activities in the near future I do not foresee a positive trend for the company’s growth.


Represent your company is a privilege

In everyday life, we participate in various public forums, public Obedinenie, exhibitions, such as conferences and professional events organization, meetings in the Akimat, or via the Internet and social networks.

Strict compliance with laws, regulations and standards, as well as a high degree of moral purity for a long time are the traditional signs of honest businessman. These principles are today in the spirit of the time more than ever: they form the basis not only for the good reputation of the company, but also for long-term economic success.